tired with your internet connection?

life has to be wireless to get connect to the internet world freely… from your work station, corridor, living room, garden, your private corner to anywhere you want. It’s time to cut the cord…

anyway, when you are planning to change your life to connect wireless as it should be, have you ever had these questions in your mind?

  • why i have to get stuck ‘on the cable line’ with only 1 spot connection?
  • what does router l modem mean? And how is the difference?
  • how can I set IP address l DHCP l proxy l WEP, WPA-PSK key?
  • what kind and how many devices we need to use for setting wireless at home or office?
  • how to connect these and those together?
  • how can I find the human-speaking manual I can follow with?

if yes… it’s time to be out of questions!

wide solutions

instead of providing you the complicated thick-with-tiny-letters manual, wide proudly bring you to the simple, convenient and easy-than-ever way to set up wireless internet at your place… from home, office, restaurant, hotel to outdoor area.

just have our magic tool on hand and we will GO WIRELESS together…. ready?